Paint Out Norfolk 2022 Art Catalogue

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Paint Out Norfolk 2022 Art Catalogue  Paint Out Norwich 2022 Art Catalogue 

Paint Out Norfolk 2022, Plein Air Art Catalogue

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ID#NamePainting TitlePriceImage
1Neil WarrenWill she ever sail again?£150.00
Painting by Neil Warren of a dry dock boat
Artist Neil Warren, Will she ever sail again?, Kingsley Farrington Boatyard, Oil, 10x8in, £150.
2Martin GibbonsWhitlingham Broad£120.00
3Sheila CunninghamThe Dome£100.00
4Ian LaytonWhitlingham Broad£295.00
5Julie HodgsonYoung Sailors£150.00
6Jude ChaneySeeking shade by Whitefriars Bridge£180.00
7Tracey Ross‘Sparkling light - Whitlingham’£200.00
8Tracey RossGreen Reflections£200.00
Painting by Tracey Ross of Norfolk
Artist Tracey Ross, Green Reflections, Norfolk, Acrylic, 6.5x12in, £200.
9Louise GarrettWhitlingham Park looking towards Flint Barn£100.00
Painting by Louise Garrett of Whitlingham
Artist Louise Garrett, Whitlingham Park looking towards Flint Barn, Whitlingham Park, Norfolk, Oil, 10x8in, £100
10Hannah BruceFrom the top - the boat yard£200.00
Painting by Hannah Bruce of boatyard
Artist Hannah Bruce, From the top - the boat yard, Whitlingham, Norfolk, Oil, 30x30cm, £320.
11Jan DingleAfternoon Lake£195.00
12Zoë CameronMagenta Meadow£250.00
13Eleanor AlisonBeing Repaired£240.00
Painting by Eleanor Alison of Boatyard, Norwich
Artist Eleanor Alison, Being Repaired, Boat Yard, Oil, 30x25cm, £240.
14Mary BlueRoots Reach Down twice the Depth notice the Current Underground£450.00
Painting by Mary Blue of Whitlingham, Norfolk
Artist Mary Blue, Roots Reach Down twice the Depth notice the Current Underground, River Yare Whitlingham Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x24in, £450.
15Sue WillmerA Study of Greens£275.00
16/17Zoë CameronHot Meadow Mill Neons£250.00
Painting by Zoë Cameron of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk
Artist Zoë Cameron, Hot Meadow Mill Neons, Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, Acrylic, 35x45cm, £250.
18Pamela BumbyWaiting for TLCSOLD
19Jean StevensThe BoatyardSOLD
20/21/23/65Jean StevensIn Repair£200.00
22Sue FawthropSwan on the Mill Pond, Stoke Mill£220.00
24Susanna HeathBoat Shed£300.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of a boat shed
Artist Susanna Heath, Boat Shed, Boat yard, Norfolk, Acrylic, 6x8in, £300. Paint Out Norfolk 2022
25/37/145Susanna HeathA Quick Chat£300.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Boatyard person
Artist Susanna Heath, A Quick Chat, Boat yard, Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x6in, £300.
26Josie BarnettBishop Bridge£300.00
Painting of bridge over river
Artist Josie Barnett, Bishop Bridge, Norfolk, Oil, 30x20in, £300.
27/45Josie BarnettCalm Bishop Bridge£200.00
28Frances MartinRagwort£200.00
29Stephen JohnstonThe unloved£300.00
30Susanna PatersonBattle of the pubs!£80.00
31Stephen JohnstonRushcutters£300.00
32Richard ClelandWhitlingham broad£200.00
33Kate GabrielSunflower’s First Paint Out£450.00
Painting by Kate Gabriel of yellow campervan
Artist Kate Gabriel, Sunflower’s First Paint Out, Whittlingham Country Park, Norfolk, Oil, 12x12in, £450.
34Pat Tinsley‘In the Rough’£100.00
35Richard ClelandBoat Yard£200.00
36Tracey Ross‘Sunlit Reeds whitlingham ‘£200.00
38Kay RawlinsonYellow Bin£240.00
Painting by Kay Rawlinson of Norfolk
Artist Kay Rawlinson, Yellow Bin, Kingsley Farrington Boat Yard, Norfolk, Oil, 10x12in, £240.
39Amanda BarrettThe eye of the bridge£290.00
Painting by Amanda Barrett of Norfolk
Artist Amanda Barrett, The eye of the bridge, Bishops Bridge, Oil, 30x30cm, £290.
40Shirley ShakespearThe bridge of eyes£150.00
41Tracey RossSparkling Light£130.00
42Neil WarrenRibs'£120.00
43Naomi Clements WrightHigh and Dry£100.00
44Anthony FountainLight and Shade, Pulls Ferry£200.00
Painting by Anthony Fountain of Norfolk
Artist Anthony Fountain, Light and shade, Pulls Ferry, Pulls Ferry, Norfolk, Oil, 10x12in, £200.
46Sarah LutonDynamics.beak.clipboard£120.00
47Charlotte KearsleyPlease mind the gap£175.00
48Ella HoyosI Wensum to Norwich£250.00
49Richard BondA Norfolk Boatyard£200.00
50Richard BondGreen Truck£230.00
51Rachel WrightThe Pink Apron£495.00
Painting by Rachel Wright of Norfolk
Artist Rachel Wright, The pink apron, Norfolk, Oil, 30x40cm, £495.
52Rachel WrightThe Red Boat£495.00
54Sheila CunninghamThe Dome£100.00
55Jack GodfreyGet thy bearings, Work it out£395.00
Painting by Jack Godfrey of NUA, Norwich
Artist Jack Godfrey, Get thy bearings, Work it out, NUA St. George’s St, Norwich, Norfolk, Oil, 10x10in, £395.
56Jack GodfreyCity of Stories£395.00
Painting by Jack Godfrey of The Lanes, Norwich
Artist Jack Godfrey, City of Stories, The Lanes, Norwich, Norfolk, Oil, 10x10in, £395.
57Andrew NewmanKingsley Farrington Boatyard£450.00
58Sarah HawxwellForgotten Place£75.00
59Karen AdamsEmerging from the Weeds!£395.00
60Tracey RossSparkling Light£130.00
63Hannah Bruce///lucky.leaps.decent - Elm Hill£200.00
Painting by Hannah Bruce of Elm Hill, Norwich
Artist Hannah Bruce, ///lucky.leaps.decent - Elm Hill, Elm Hill, Norfolk, Oil, 10x12in, £320.
64Susanna PatersonBattle of the pubs!£80.00
66Jean StevensFish Day£250.00
67Hannah Bruce4.30am Sunrise Whitlingham£200.00
Painting by Hannah Bruce of Whitlingham sunrise, Norfolk
Artist Hannah Bruce, 4.30am Sunrise Whitlingham, Whitlingham, Norfolk, Oil, 20x50cm, £300.
68Sue FawthropTwo Cathedrals£300.00
69Pat TinsleyEarly towards St Peter Mancroft£150.00
70Eleanor AlisonUneven Walls£160.00
71Sue FawthropSaturday Sailing£170.00
Painting by Sue Fawthrop of Norfolk
Artist Sue Fawthrop, Saturday Sailing, Whitlingham Broad, Norfolk, Oil, 6x6in, £170.
72/116Jean StevensLooking towards Whitefriars bridge£20.00
73Karen AdamsEmerging from the Weeds!£395.00
74Julie HodgsonSunny Saturday morning£200.00
75Stephen JohnstonA good day on the hill£375.00
76Stephen Johnston8.30am (Bishops Bridge)£375.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of Bishops Bridge, Norwich
Artist Stephen Johnston, 8.30am (Bishops Bridge), Norwich, Oil, 16x20in, £375.
77Sheila CunninghamSunlight and shadows Elm Hill£120.00
78Hannah Bruce///force.likely.bunny - Incredible Flora£200.00
79/152Eleanor AlisonSunlit Cobbles£160.00
80Jude ChaneyAl Fresco at Tombland£260.00
82Pamela BumbyMorning Shadows, Elm Hill£180.00
83Pat TinsleyDappled Light Trowse Museum£175.00
Painting by Pat Tinsley of Norfolk
Artist Pat Tinsley, Dappled Light Trowse Museum, Whitlingham, Oil, 18x20in, £175.
84Shirley ShakespearSummer colours£150.00
85/106Kate GabrielPaddling Through£375.00
Painting by Kate Gabriel of Norfolk
Artist Kate Gabriel, Paddling Through, River near Trowse, Norfolk, Oil, 10x12in, £375.
86Amanda BarrettMr P Milne's Antiques & Curios£200.00
87Susanna HeathElm Hill Craft Shop£400.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Elm Hill, Norwich
Artist Susanna Heath, Elm Hill Craft Shop, Elm hill, Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x6in, £400.
88Mark WadesonBeck's Green Canoe£175.00
89Susanna HeathThe Best Greengrocer in Town£400.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Norwich Market
Artist Susanna Heath, The best green grocer in town, Norfolk Market, Norfolk, Acrylic, 6x12in, £400.
90Mark WadesonElm Hill shadows£150.00
91Jan DingleThe Bear Shop£160.00
92Julian LovegroveCorner of Elm Hill£175.00
93Julian LovegroveAfternoon light Elm Hill£175.00
94Sue FawthropHot by the River£200.00
Painting by Sue Fawthrop of Norfolk
Artist Sue Fawthrop, Hot by the River, Mill Hill, Norfolk, Oil, 6x8in, £200.
95/135Rydal HanburyToo Darn Hot£250.00
Painting by Rydal-Hanbury of Fye Bridge,Norfolk
Artist Rydal Hanbury, Too Darn Hot, Fye Bridge, below Elm Hill, Oil, 12x10in, £250.
96Richard ClelandCathedral Spire£120.00
97Ella HoyosNorwich, a fine city£355.00
98Gail DorringtonCary’s flowers£200.00
Painting by Gail Dorrington of Norwich market flower stall
Artist Gail Dorrington, Cary’s flowers, Norwich Market, Acrylic, 23x29cm, £200.
99/126/127Sarah LutonCJ’s£300.00
Painting by Sarah Luton of Norwich Market
Artist Sarah Luton, CJ’s, Norwich Market, Norfolk, Oil, 8x16in, £280.
100Neil WarrenCobbles£120.00
Painting by Neil Warren of Elm Hill, Norwich
Artist Neil Warren, Cobbles, Elm Hill Norwich Norfolk, Oil, 12x10in, £120.
102Richard BondCalm river£180.00
103Richard BondLight on the riverSOLD
104Louise GarrettShadows and Light£150.00
Painting by Louise Garrett of Elm Hill, Norwich
Artist Louise Garrett, Shadows and Light, Elm Hill Norfolk, Oil, 30x25cm, £150.
105Charlotte KearsleyShady CustomersRESERVED £175.00
107Paula MitchellThorpe Marsh£280.00
108Amanda BarrettDarwin v The Church£175.00
109Gini SmithMessing about on the water£180.00
110Nickie HolfordCobbles and Crafts£125.00
111Tracey NewlandBoys and their Toys 2SOLD
112Claudia AraceliBoats and Bridges£190.00
113Andrew NewmanKingsley Farrington Boatyard£450.00
114Rachel ConstantineThe Painter£400.00
115Kay RawlinsonElm Hill£120.00
117/139Jean StevensNinety Six Metres£275.00
118Kay RawlinsonBishop Bridge£220.00
119Andrew NewmanDappled morning light at Elm HillSOLD
120Patrycja ReimusSummertime walk by the river£150.00
121Andrew NewmanSummer afternoon on the Wensum, from Bishop Bridge£330.00
122Anthony FountainDappled light, Chapelfield Gardens£150.00
123Naomi Clements WrightHidden Dinosaur£480.00
124Sarah HawxwellRaspberry RippleSOLD
125Hannah Bruce///Festivity.calls.Rams - Sunset£200.00
Painting by Hannah Bruce of Mousehold, Norwich skyline
Artist Hannah Bruce, ///Festivity.calls.Rams - Sunset, Mousehold, Norfolk, Oil, 25x50cm, £430. Paint Out Norfolk 2022
128Rachel WrightBishop Bridge Reflections£250.00
129Rachel WrightEvening light at the gate, Norwich£495.00
130Andrew HorrodMarket Colours£200.00
131Rachel WrightBurnham Overy StaitheSOLD
132/44Rachel WrightBurnham Overy Staithe Sketch£195.00
133Andrew HorrodSt. Peter Mancroft, evening light£175.00
136Neil WarrenTwo Cathedral City£200.00
137Stephen JohnstonCathedral fabric£375.00
138Pat TinsleyShallows and Shadows£175.00
140Mark WadesonGood morning Norwich£150.00
141Neil WarrenUnter Den Linden'£140.00
142Rydal HanburyThe Pink Runner£200.00
Painting by Rydal-Hanbury of Norwich Cathedral Cloisters
Artist Rydal Hanbury, The Pink Runner, Norwich Cathedral Cloisters, Oil, 10x12in, £200.
143/433Sue FawthropLa Grande Jatte de NorwichRESERVED £150.00
147/150Susanna HeathThe Barracks£300.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Barracks
PON900 SH Artist Susanna Heath, The Barracks, Norfolk, Acrylic, 10x10in, £300.
148Sue WillmerAnd the Bells were Ringing£250.00
149Wendy KimberleyThe Temple of KnappolisSOLD
151/155Susanna HeathThe Gateway£300.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Cathedral Gate, Norwich
Artist Susanna Heath, The Gateway, By Cathedral Green, Norfolk, Acrylic, 10x10in, £300.
153Eleanor AlisonPavilion Reflection£250.00
Painting by Eleanor Alison of Eaton Park, Norwich
Artist Eleanor Alison, Pavilion Reflection, Eaton Park, Norfolk, Oil, 30x30cm, £250.
154Sarah HawxwellMooerugh£50.00
156Julie HodgsonShady WalkRESERVED £200.00
157Pamela BumbyMorning Light£120.00
Painting by Pamela Bumby of Mousehold Heath
Artist Pamela Bumby, Morning Light, Mousehold Heath, Oil, 8x10in, £120.
158Andrew NewmanNorwich Cathedral, High Summer£450.00
160Jude ChaneyChildhood Memories at Waterloo Park£290.00
159Sheila CunninghamWaterloo Park£150.00
161Jan DingleMorning StartSOLD
163Mark WadesonThe Good Ship Ring Pull£200.00
164Nickie HolfordCobbles and Crafts£125.00
165Julian LovegroveThorpe St Andrew£145.00
166Amanda BarrettSparkles on the Wensum£290.00
167Julian LovegroveBishop Bridge, Norwich£175.00
168Anthony FountainA Quiet Corner£200.00
Painting by Anthony Fountain of Norfolk
Artist Anthony Fountain, A quiet corner, Norwich Castle gardens, Norfolk, Oil, 16x8in, £200.
170Richard BondCathedral Shadows£180.00
171Mary BlueInvisible Stars£450.00
Painting by Mary Blue of Holkham, Norfolk
Artist Mary Blue, Invisible Stars, Holkham Gap, Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x24in, £450.
172/185/223Sarah LutonFrom the Shade£300.00
173Richard ClelandSt Etheldreda£200.00
174Shirley ShakespearWhere have the cows gone£150.00
175Mary BlueNothing but Momentum Lingers£450.00
176Shirley ShakespearRelaxing Afternoon£150.00
177John BehmHot sun, hot summer, duck weed on the Yare£230.00
178Frances MartinIvy overtaking beech£150.00
181Louise GarrettLobster LaneSOLD
182Jack GodfreyListen with your eyes£320.00
183Louise GarrettBridge for a Bishop£150.00
184Tracey NewlandMorston QuaySOLD
186Gail DorringtonThrough the open door there is cake£350.00
187Sue FawthropReflections on the RiverSOLD
188Hannah Bruce///doll.bubble.dots-pulls Ferry£250.00
189Hannah BruceOlive.energetic.filled - Cringleford A11SOLD
190Rachel WrightBurnham Overy Staithe, morningHELD £195.00
191Tess Gartland-JonesSunlight Spire£295.00
192Rachel WrightCathedral view, Mousehold£295.00
194Rachel WrightCathedral view, Contre Jour£395.00
195/256Jean StevensRise Up£275.00
196Frances MartinFigures beneath the huge yewSOLD
197Eleanor AlisonNaja£120.00
Painting by Eleanor Alison of Life Model
Artist Eleanor Alison, Naja, Norfolk, Oil, 25x30cm, £120.
198Nickie HolfordIn the Shade at the Prison Gate£100.00
199Paula MitchellCrack of Sparrows£350.00
201Richard BondGirl reading in the landscapeSOLD
202Pat TinsleyNajaSOLD/DONATED
203Rob AdamsNorwich£300.00
204Rob AdamsPulls Ferry£300.00
205Rob AdamsNorwich Prison£200.00
207Paula MitchellCanary Yellow£250.00
208Neil Warrenen Plein air!!!£240.00
Painting by Neil Warren of a nude life model
Artist Neil Warren, "en Plein air!!!", Whitlingham, Norfolk, Oil, 16x20in, £240.
209Rachel ConstantineNorfolk Vista£800.00
Painting by Rachel Constantine of Mousehold Norwich skyline
Artist Rachel Constantine, Norfolk Vista, Mousehold Heath, Norfolk, Oil, 16x16in, £800.
210Wendy KimberleyMellow, Yellow£120.00
211John BehmBlackfriars Range, Norwich Art School, NUA£575.00
212John BehmDeposition from the Cross, St. Catherine's Chancel£240.00
213Kate GabrielStoke Hill Mill Reflections£375.00
214Stephen JohnstonFirst and Last£375.00
215Jude ChaneyA Beauty Amongst the Nettles£160.00
216Gini SmithGoldenSOLD
217Claudia AraceliA Moment of Calm£250.00
218Patrycja ReimusScorching Sun£150.00
219Patrycja ReimusLast Swim£250.00
220Bobby OpenBig Sky, Binham Priory£195.00
221Patrycja ReimusHiding in a Forest£100.00
222Andrew HorrodLondon Street colours£290.00
224Tracey NewlandMorston Quay£100.00
225/227/451Pat TinsleyBefore the Cut£175.00
226Amanda BarrettVenus of Whitlingham£200.00
228Ian LaytonNorwich, Prince of Wales Road£295.00
Painting by Ian Layton of Prince of Wales, Norwich
Artist Ian Layton, Norwich, Prince of Wales Road, Norfolk, Oil, 12x9in, £295.
229Ian LaytonPulls Ferry£895.00
Painting by Ian Layton of Pulls Ferry, Norwich
Artist Ian Layton, Pulls Ferry, Norwich, Norfolk, Oil, 16x12in, £895.
230Ian LaytonBishops Bridge£295.00
231James ColmanSchool's Out For Ever£250.00
232Sue FawthropMorning Shadows on the Hall Ruins£180.00
Painting by Sue Fawthrop of Norfolk
Artist Sue Fawthrop, Morning Shadows on the Hall Ruins, Trowse Hall ruins, Norfolk, Gouache, 7x10in, £180.
233James DecentField View£400.00
234Sam ClaydenCromer Cliffs 1£150.00
235Sam ClaydenCromer Cliffs 2£150.00
236Max WhiteTextured Trees in Pink£350.00
237/240James DecentField View Early Evening 01£200.00
238Sam ClaydenCromer Cliffs 3£250.00
239Max WhitePink Cliffs£350.00
241Sam ClaydenEvening Clouds£250.00
242James DecentRiverside£200.00
243Max WhiteCliff Ferns£350.00
245Max WhiteCromer Sunset£350.00
246Sam ClaydenEvening Clouds£250.00
247James DecentNorwich CathedralSOLD
248Max WhiteGlow Grass£350.00
249Sam ClaydenCromer Beach 1£100.00
250Sam ClaydenCromer Beach 2£100.00
251James DecentNorwich Cathedral£4,500.00
252Max WhiteNorwich Canal£300.00
253Sam ClaydenCromer Beach 3£100.00
254Ros CoppingWells, Hot tide incoming July 2022£230.00
257/288Jean StevensThe Long Walk£300.00
258Ros CoppingWells Hot High Tide July 2022£230.00
259Martin GibbonsMallow at Morston£120.00
260Martin GibbonsFields of Gold£120.00
261Jude ChaneyBeauty Amongst the Nettles£160.00
262Mary BlueThe Bittersweet taste of Salt on your Lips£450.00
Painting by Mary Blue of Wells Beach, Norfolk
Artist Mary Blue, The Bittersweet taste of Salt on your Lips, Wells Beach, Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x24in, £450.
263Emma PerringEverything I love about Blakeney£595.00
264Georgie WatsonMorning heat at Holkham£295.00
265Karen AdamsThe Long Walk£995.00
266Tracey RossHeat of the day - Morston£475.00
267Sheila CunninghamMoored in the sun£150.00
268Sue FawthropOut of the Shade£145
269/270/272/329Sarah LutonHow cool is the Yare?£300.00
271Eleanor AlisonWalking To The Sea£220.00
Painting by Eleanor Alison of Holkham Beach, Norfolk
Artist Eleanor Alison, Walking To The Sea, Holkham Beach, Norfolk, Oil, 19x30cm, £220.
273Pamela BumbyMoorings at Coltishall£180.00
Painting by Pamela Bumby of Coltishall
Artist Pamela Bumby, Moorings at Coltishall, Coltishall, Norfolk, Oil, 8x10in, £180.
275Zoë CameronEver Changing Landscape£250.00
Painting by Zoë Cameron of Holkham, Norfolk
Artist Zoë Cameron, Ever Changing Landscape, Holkham Bay, Norfolk, Acrylic, 35x45cm, £250.
278Lucy BurtonLove Locked£220.00
279/352Eleanor AlisondZ xx£220.00
280Julie HodgsonOutgoing TideSOLD
281Kate GabrielHottest Day of the Year£450.00
282Tess Gartland-JonesCoastal Path from Burnham Market£280.00
283Sue FawthropOut of the Shade£145.00
284/5/6/7Andrew NewmanBlickling Hall in the Heat of Summer's Morning Light£450.00
289Anthony FountainMindy in Dappled light, Blickling Hall£200.00
290Jan DingleInlet at Womack Water£160.00
291Bobby OpenBlinding Light, Blickling Hall£195.00
292Sam ClaydenCromer Beach 3£100.00
293Sarah HawxwellHome of my Dreams£100.00
294Mindy QinGarden with Lake View in Blickling Hall£200.00
295Rob AdamsBlofield Church Interior£145.00
296Rob AdamsChurch Rd Blofield£450.00
297Kay Rawlinson36 Degrees!£220.00
298Charlotte KearsleyWhite Heat£195.00
299/302Jack GodfreyA place that just is£595.00
300Charlotte KearsleyRemembering Howard Hodgkin£195.00
301Kay RawlinsonA swim would be nice!£220.00
Painting by Kay Rawlinson of Norfolk
Artist Kay Rawlinson, A swim would be nice!, The Lake, Blickling, Norfolk, Oil, 10x12in, £220.
303Richard ClelandBlickling Trees£200.00
304Tracey NewlandMorston Quay£100.00
305Louise GarrettJacobean Delight£150.00
Painting by Louise Garrett of Blickling Hall, Norfolk
Artist Louise Garrett, Jacobean Delight, Blickling Hall, Norfolk, Oil, 30x25cm, £150.
306Julian LovegroveBishop Bridge, Norwich£175.00
307Julian LovegroveKings Lynn Relics£175.00
308Julian LovegroveWells Quayside£175.00
309Hannah Bruce///Saves.stub.dashes-The fresh cut Haystack£380.00
310Hannah Bruce///marbles.candidate.outgoing - Blickling Hall£250.00
311Stephen JohnstonThe Red Boat£225.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of boats
Artist Stephen Johnston, The Red Boat, Burnham Overy Staithe, Oil, 10x16in, £225.
312Stephen JohnstonHigh Tide£190.00
313Stephen JohnstonBurnham Overy Windmill£225.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of a Norfolk Windmill
Artist Stephen Johnston, Burnham Overy Windmill, Burnham, Oil, 10x16in, £225.
314Tracey NewlandBlickling Hall£120.00
315Tracey NewlandSun Setting at Holkham£100.00
316Shirley ShakespearI spy Blicklingham Hall£100.00
317Amanda BarrettThe Mud Sparkles at Burnham Overy Staithe£300.00
318/335Jean StevensHazy Days of Sunshine£250.00
Painting by Jean Stevens of Blickling Hall Gardens
Artist Jean Stevens, Hazy Days of Sunshine, Blickling, Norfolk, Oil, 10x10in, £250
319Paula MitchellMighty Oaks£350.00
320Jude ChaneyAcross the Marshes Wells next Sea£160.00
321Jude ChaneyThe Many Colours of Sundown (Wells harbour)SOLD
322Neil WarrenLast Light£100.00
Painting by Neil Warren of a sunset
Artist Neil Warren, Last Light, Norfolk, Oil, 5x7in, £100.
323Richard BondHot July Afternoon in the Park£230.00
324Richard BondThe Lowering SunPENDING
325Anthony FountainDappled light, Blickling Hall£200.00
326Rachel WrightBlickling Hall Across the Water£495.00
Painting by Rachel Wright of Blickling Hall Across the Water, Norfolk
Artist Rachel Wright, Blickling Hall Across the Water, Norfolk, Oil, 30x40cm, £495.
327Rachel WrightView through the colonnade, Blickling£345.00
Painting by Rachel Wright of Blickling Hall, Norfolk
Artist Rachel Wright, View through the colonnade, Blickling, Norfolk, Oil, 30x23cm, £345.
328/376Rachel WrightHot Sun on Blickling Hall£495.00
330Naomi Clements WrightRoom With a View£480.00
Painting by Naomi Clements Wright of Blickling Hall
Artist Naomi Clements Wright, Room With a View, Blickling , Norfolk, Oil, 16x8in, £480.
331Charlotte KearsleySunday afternoon in the park with George£175.00
332Frances MartinMany branched oak, like fingers stretched to the sky£220.00
333Frances MartinOriental plane, in the heat of the day£130.00
334Frances MartinBeneath the huge pine£150.00
336Helen OtterBright Bricks Border Blooms Blickling£120.00
337Hannah Bruce///bound.cookie.welcome - Tidal Manoeuvres£200.00
338Jan DingleSunset at Bishop's Mill£195.00
339/362Jean StevensThe Love Seat£250.00
340James ColmanSunny Afternoon, TomblandSOLD
341Kate GabrielNorfolk Dawn Harvest£495.00
Painting by Kate Gabriel of Norfolk
Artist Kate Gabriel, Norfolk Dawn Harvest, Catfield, Norfolk, Oil, 8x20in, £495.
342Tracey NewlandWaiting for ride to turn£100.00
343Bobby OpenBlinding Light, Blickling Hall£195.00
344Lucy BurtonTombland Alley£150.00
345Lora StimsonView from Kathryn’s Bench£130.00
346Lora StimsonScorched Exit£130.00
347Lora StimsonView from Kathryn’s Bench£100.00
348Lora StimsonStudy on Scorching£110.00
349Sue FawthropFieldscape Behind the ChurchSOLD
350Jan DingleThe Street, Thurne£160.00
353Richard BondSummer Moorings£230.00
354Ros CoppingFrom the Cliff, West Beach£230.00
355Eleanor AlisonBridge Over Water£250.00
356Ros CoppingFrom the Cliff, Birds Eye View£230.00
357Ros CoppingAn Early Sail£230.00
358Jack GodfreyRefuge£695.00
359Zoë CameronMagenta St. Marys£250.00
Painting by Zoë Cameron of Burnham Market Church
Artist Zoë Cameron, Magenta St. Marys, Burnham Market, Norfolk, Acrylic, 45x35cm, £250.
360Julie HodgsonImpressions of GooderstoneSOLD
361Louise GarrettChange of Use£175.00
363Jean StevensSerenity£250.00
364Pat Tinsley‘Monet’s Pool Early Morning‘£175.00
365/382Jean StevensThe Repose£250.00
366John Behm“Lichen and Dapple Boogie-Woogie”£420.00
367Pay TinsleyShady Afternoon at Monet’s Pool£250.00
368John Behm“A Tangled Understory”£420.00
369Karen AdamsThe Hottest Day!SOLD
370Kay RawlinsonJust one of the bridges£220.00
371Julian LovegroveKings Lynn Relics£175.00
372Julian LovegroveWells Quayside£175.00
373Julian LovegroveWater Lillies£225.00
374Julian LovegroveLattice bridge£175.00
375Tracey RossLily Garden£200.00
377Stephen JohnstonWhite bridge£275.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of a Monet scene at Gooderstone Water Gardens
Artist Stephen Johnston, White bridge, Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk, Oil, 12x17in, £275.
378Stephen Johnston4ducks£225.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of swans at Gooderstone Water Gardens
Artist Stephen Johnston, 4ducks, Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk, Oil, , £225.
379Paula MitchellJust Drift£280.00
380Stephen JohnstonThe Nymphs Stream£275.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of a stream at Goderstone Water Gardens
Artist Stephen Johnston, The Nymphs Stream, Norfolk, Oil, , £275.
381Emma PerringThe Hottest Day at Burnham Overy Staithe£495.00
383Paula MitchellAu Naturel£280.00
384Tracey NewlandTranquility£120.00
385Emma PerringStaithe Street, Wells£450.00
386Anthony FountainFlowers in the Shade£200.00
387/8Rachel ConstantineSouth Creek Hollyhocks£400.00
Painting by Rachel Constantine of Hollyhocks
Artist Rachel Constantine, South Creek Hollyhocks, 56 Church Ln, South Creek, Oil, 10x6in, £400. Paint Out Norfolk 2022
389Rachel ConstantineSouth Creek Willows£475.00
Painting by Rachel Constantine of South Creek, Norfolk
Artist Rachel Constantine, South Creek Willows, 56 Church Lane, Oil, 11x14in, £475. Paint Out Norfolk 2022 First Prize
390Lucy BurtonTombland Alley£150.00
391Shirley ShakespearMonet not£100.00
392Charlotte KearsleyBy the Bridge£150.00
393Gail DorringtonOh for a paddle!£450.00
394Sarah HawxwellShady Bridge£100.00
395Sue FawthropFieldscape behind the Church£200.00
396Sarah HawxwellHot Gun Rra£100.00
397Sue FawthropHickling Boats£230.00
398Richard ClelandCreake Abbey£200.00
399Frances MartinCreake portal, doorway into former nave£185.00
400Frances MartinVince on a bean bag in abbey shadow£250.00
401/2Sarah LutonStroke of the Sun£400.00
Painting by Sarah Luton of Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk
Artist Sarah Luton, Stroke of the Sun, Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk, Oil, 10x14in, £400.
403Martin GibbonsThe Bridge GWG£120.00
404Martin GibbonsNorfolk Hot Sky£120.00
405Martin GibbonsGolden£120.00
406James Colman42 Degree Creek FunkSOLD
407Sue FawthropHeckling boats£230.00
408/9Tess Gartland-JonesBlazing Fires at Brancaster£295.00
410Patrycja ReimusMillionaire's Row£450.00
Painting by Patrycja Reimus of Ruins and Woodland
Artist Patrycja Reimus, Millionaire's Row, Trowse Newton Hall Ruins, Norfolk, Oil, 36x100cm, £450. Paint Out Norfolk
411Jude ChaneyFisherman's view Blickling Lake£170.00
412/414Amanda BarrettThe Clock Stopped at 5 to 5£200.00
413Naomi Clements WrightImpression£520.00
415Lora StimsonStudy on Scorching£110.00
416/428Jack GodfreyTwilight on King St£295.00
417Rachel WrightSwan at the Water Gardens£495.00
Painting by Rachel Wright of Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk
Artist Rachel Wright, Swan at the Water Gardens, Norfolk, Oil, 40x30cm, £495.
418Rachel WrightWater Cascade at Gooderstone£245.00
Painting by Rachel Wright of Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk
Artist Rachel Wright, Water Cascade at Gooderstone, Norfolk, Oil, 23x30cm, £245.
419Rachel WrightSeated Lady£295.00
Painting by Rachel Wright of Norfolk
Artist Rachel Wright, Seated Lady, Norfolk, Oil, 30x23cm, £295. P
420Rachel WrightLast light at Burnham Overy Staithe£395.00
421Lora StimsonLavender£100.00
422Lora StimsonLavender by Night£100.00
423Andrew NewmanNorwich Cathedral, High Summer£450.00
425Rob AdamsHemblington All Saints Font£180.00
426Rob AdamsSt Michaels and All SaintsSOLD
427Rob AdamsThe Yellow Boat£300.00
429Richard BondSunset LandscapeSOLD
431Hannah Bruce///always.shade.wobbles - towards Wolterton£200.00
432Jack GodfreyRefuge£695.00
440/529/651Rydal HanburyLight on the Sails£200.00
441Sheila CunninghamBuxton Mill£150.00
442Hannah Bruce///uppermost.elder.moons - Wolterton HallSOLD
443Hannah BruceSheep Nap£200.00
446Eloise O HareNatural Barrier£650.00
447Julian LovegroveReady for Sailing£175.00
448/9Jude ChaneyWalking at Oxnead by the Bure£320.00
450Pat TinsleyBusy Blickling£200.00
452Pat TinsleyShady Afternoon Monet’s Pool£200.00
453/461Eleanor AlisonParkland Lake£320.00
454Jan DingleMill Stream£195.00
455Andrew NewmanWolterton Lake, Morning Light£295.00
456Richard BondA Norfolk Staithe in July£230.00
457Andrew NewmanLake View£295.00
458Richard BondHay Rolls at HicklingSOLD
459Andrew NewmanThe Island, Lake Wolterton£295.00
460Pamela BumbyWaiting for the Tide, Brancaster Staithe£240.00
462/574Eleanor AlisonBack of the HallSOLD
463Emma PerringThe Hottest Day at Burnham Overy Staithe£495.00
464Shirley ShakespearWhat a view£100.00
465Shirley ShakespearCraggy£100
466James ColmanWolterton Hall in the sunSOLD
467Stephen JohnstonThe Lake£375.00
468Stephen JohnstonReflections£180.00
469Wendy KimberleyA Fading CrownSOLD
470Rob AdamsPaint OutSOLD
471Rob AdamsIngworth Church£200.00
472Rob AdamsWolterton Lake£200.00
473Rob AdamsWolterton Hall£180.00
474Frances MartinThe lunatics have taken over the asylum£150.00
475Frances MartinClock tower almost completely renovatedSOLD
476Gail DorringtonHidden£180.00
477Frances MartinEven hotter oriental plane£180.00
478Frances MartinThe biggest sweet chestnut I have ever seen£180.00
479/513Sarah LutonHumid Horsey£300.00
480Richard ClelandWolterton Daxon Tower£200.00
481Kate GabrielPaneful Memories£375.00
482Sue FawthropDappled light at Thurne£250.00
483Sue FawthropLa Grand Jatte de Norwich£150.00
484Sue FawthropEvening view towards NorwichSOLD
485Naomi Clements WrightPom Poms£480.00
486Andrew NewmanThe island, Lake Wolterton£295.00
487Louise GarrettBlakeney FreshesSOLD
488Georgie Watson‘The stewards lodge at Wolterton Hall’£195.00
489Charlotte KearsleyThe Stone Guardians£195.00
490Georgie Watson‘Evening view after a scorching day’£320.00
491Georgie WatsonAll purples and pinks over the Burnham windmill£150.00
492Bobby OpenBlinding Light, Blickling Hall£195.00
493Georgie WatsonHeatwave colours at the Water Gardens£150.00
494Georgie WatsonHazy evening light at Burnham Overy Staithe£210.00
495Amanda BarrettThe Blue Umbrella£290.00
496Amanda Barrett5 Minutes to 5£220.00
497Neil WarrenWalled Garden£160.00
498/516/7Neil WarrenDown on the Lake£160.00
499Tracey NewlandTranquility£120.00
500Tracey NewlandWolterton Hall£100.00
501John BehmLyng Mill Pond, The Red Canoe£370.00
502Sarah HawxwellSummer Sorrel£150.00
503Karen Adams‘Where’s Mr Darcy?!’£450.00
504Sarah AllbrookWater sports, Burnham Overy Staithe£450.00
506Emma PerringHydrangeas£400.00
507Sarah AllbrookSunset on the hottest day, Brancaster£350.00
508Mindy QinFrom walnut trees in Wolterton Hall£200.00
509Sarah AllbrookScorching afternoon, Brancaster Staithe£400.00
511Mindy QinGooderstone Water Gardens£200.00
512Anthony FountainSheltered boats on the River Bure£185.00
514Kay RawlinsonThe Lonesome Pine£220.00
515Kay RawlinsonHappy Daisies£220.00
518Paula MitchellResidual Heat£340.00
519Paula MitchellBeachlife£300.00
520Jean StevensMainsail Wrap£250.00
521/528Jean StevensSails£250.00
522Jack GodfreyRelative Mass£545.00
523Gail DorringtonHidden£180.00
524Andrew HorrodThe Beach Telescope£240.00
525Andrew HorrodDoughnuts and Ice CreamSOLD
526/7Jack GodfreyCause and Effect£425.00
530/551/554Susanna HeathTwo Artists£300
Painting by Susanna Heath of artists at Blickling Hall
PON901 SH Artist Susanna Heath, Two Artists, Blickling Hall, Norfolk, Acrylic, 10x8in, £300.
531Susan IsaacItalianate mood£500.00
532Susan IsaacRetaining the Heat£700.00
533Susan IsaacUnderneath the Arches£450.00
534Susan IsaacBeyond the ha-ha£600.00
535Susan IsaacIn MemoriamSOLD
536Tushar SabaleThe LakeSOLD
537Tushar SabaleThe Walled Gardens£250.00
538Tushar SabaleEvening Sun Behind the Windmill£350.00
Painting by Tushar Sabale of Burnham windmill, Norfolk
Artist Tushar Sabale, Evening Sun Behind the Windmill, Burnham, Norfolk, Oil, 9x12in, £350.
539Tushar SabaleAfternoon Sun in the Fields£250.00
540Tushar SabaleRed Sail on a High Tide!£650.00
541/561Tushar SabalePuddles on a Low Tide£150.00
542Tracey NewlandWolterton Hall£100.00
543Tracey NewlandDonkey Duo£100.00
544Tracey NewlandBaudet du Poitou£100.00
545Tracey RossMorston Marshes£200.00
546Martin GibbonsAfter VG the Mill£120.00
547Hannah Bruce///embodied.event.represent - How Hill£120.00
548Sue FawthropEvening view towards Norwich£200.00
549Andrew HorrodNorwich Shimmering£100.00
550Andrew HorrodChapelfield Gardens - Evening Light£175.00
552Tracey NewlandCringleford Bridge£100.00
553/600Jean StevensUpton Wherry£250.00
555Susanna HeathBootlegger High Seas£400.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Boats
Artist Susanna Heath, Bootlegger High Seas, Eastwood Whelpton, Upton Duke, Norfolk, Acrylic, 40x30cm, £400.
556Zoë CameronBlack Bracken Marsh£250.00
557Kate GabrielWomack Dyke, Ludham£450.00
558Andrew NewmanThe Island, Lake Wolterton£295.00
559Amanda BarrettHeather by the Bridge£200.00
560Andrew NewmanMill view on How Hill, diptych£595.00
562/645Tushar SabaleCrab Catchers£2,500.00
563Stephen JohnstonWhite Boat£225.00
Painting by Stephen Johnston of boats
Artist Stephen Johnston, White Boat, Norfolk, Oil, 26x42cm, £225.
564/649Rydal HanburyThe Pump that was a pump That is no longer a Pump£200.00
565Neil WarrenGre(y)at Yarmouth£240.00
566Jude ChaneyGrey Sky over Thurne£180.00
568Sam ClaydenRiverside£150.00
569Hannah Bruce///agenda.scorching.walkway - Gooderstone water garden£200.00
570Jan DingleStill Chasing that Wave£130.00
572Hannah BruceWisteria Dazzle£100.00
573Sheila CunninghamDerelict Hall£100.00
575Andrew NewmanMill view on How Hill, diptych£595.00
576Eleanor AlisonRiver ant£250.00
577/672Eleanor AlisonParched Garden£240.00
578Louise GarrettTowlers Court£175.00
579Julie HodgsonSong of summer£220.00
580Paula MitchellSea Palling to WaxhamSOLD
581Paula MitchellChance Encounter£260.00
582Kimberley BevanWinterton dunesSOLD
583Sarah DarbyThurne Mill amongst the marshes£250.00
584/5Jude ChaneyGrey Sky over Thurne£180.00
586Pamela BumbyA Cloudy Morning at Blakeney£200.00
587Kimberley BevanWinterton beach£195.00
589Wendy KimberleyA Path To Nowhere£200.00
588Wendy KimberleyLittle Wooden Shack£120.00
590Stephen JohnstonDogging£280.00
591Stephen JohnstonWinterton looking North£280.00
592Stephen JohnstonStorm on Winterton£280.00
593Stephen JohnstonWinterton looking South£275.00
594Tracey NewlandCringleford Bridge£100.00
595Emma PerringBit More Blakeney£450.00
597Rob AdamsKaty's RugsSOLD
598/9Jack GodfreyPeregrines' Lookout£595.00
601/671Jean StevensMeander£350.00
602Jack GodfreyEmerald Cathedral£595.00
603Rydal HanburyEnjoying the Flower Stands£200.00
604Sue WillmerStorm Clouds ? After the Heat£350.00
605Andrew HorrodNorwich shimmering£100.00
606Shirley ShakespearRuins£125.00
607Andrew HorrodChapelfield Gardens, evening£200.00
608Shirley ShakespearWindy Winterton£125.00
609Claudia AraceliShizzle£350.00
610Gini SmithShizzle and sunshine£250.00
611Georgie WatsonWillows at the Water Gardens£150.00
612Helen OtterAngels Guard Thee Still£120.00
613Kay RawlinsonView from the hill£220.00
614Kay RawlinsonAll I know is they were pink!£220.00
615Georgie WatsonWillows at the Water Gardens£230.00
616Ros CoppingHot Wells Tiny Beach£230.00
617Susanna HeathFace to the Wind£400.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Windmill, Norfolk
Artist Susanna Heath, Face to the Wind, Fern, Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x10in, £400.
618Paula MitchellSerenity£180.00
619Sue FawthropThurne in the Distance£200.00
620Susanna HeathBehind the Pizza Hut£400.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Boats
Artist Susanna Heath, Behind the Pizza Hut, Hickling, Norfolk, Acrylic, 10x8in, £400.
621Susanna HeathIn the Shade£200.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Blickling woodlands
Artist Susanna Heath, In the Shade, Blickling, Norfolk, Acrylic, 6x12in, £200.
622Sue FawthropReps View£320.00
623Susanna HeathAfternoon at How Hill£500.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of How Hill windmill
Artist Susanna Heath, Afternoon at How Hill, How Hill, Norfolk, Acrylic, 6x18in, £500.
624Susanna HeathGo West£500.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of How Hill windmill
Artist Susanna Heath, Go West, How Hill, Norfolk, Acrylic, 16x16in, £500.
625Susan IsaacWind of Change (St Benet's Abbey)£650.00
626Susanna HeathLife Guard Station£300.00
Painting by Susanna Heath of Life Guard Station, Sea Palling
Artist Susanna Heath, Life Guard Station, Sea Palling, Norfolk, Acrylic, 8x6in, £300.
627Frances MartinBograve Sketch£100.00
628Rob AdamsWaxham Hall£180.00
629Frances MartinDerelict Bograve Mill£200.00
630Rob AdamsThurne Mill£200.00
631Rob AdamsRepps Church£550.00
632Richard ClelandBograve Mill£200.00
633Richard ClelandBograve Mill 2£100.00
634James ColmanSouthgates, Horning£200.00
635Tess Gartland-JonesHappy Haze, Happisburgh£395.00
636James ColmanBlackthorn, Trowse Meadow£200.00
637/657Sarah LutonCool Day at Happisburgh£400.00
638Georgie WatsonSundancer£110.00
639Gail DorringtonCliff Hanger£450.00
640/1Georgie WatsonTranquility over Burnham Overy Staithe£110.00
642Tess Gartland-JonesBlazing Fires, Brancaster£295.00
643John Behm“St. Benet’s, the Ice Cream Days”£470.00
644Charlotte KearsleyWelcome to Wobbly World£215.00
646Tushar SabaleGrandpa and me in the tide£900.00
647Mindy QinTidal£100.00
648Rachel ConstantineView from Wolterton Hall Verandah£625.00
650Mindy QinLittle red boat£185.00
651Rydal HanburyLight on the Sails£200.00
652/3/4/5Rachel ConstantineOld Hunstanton Beach Cliffs£625.00
656Andrew NewmanMill view on How Hill, diptych£595.00
658Paula MitchellWhispering Reeds£320.00
Painting by Paula Mitchell of Thurne, Norfolk
Artist Paula Mitchell, Whispering Reeds, Thurne, Norfolk, Oil, 10x12in, £320.
659Anthony FountainAn Invitation to Explore£250.00
660Anthony FountainLilies to Lead the Eye£400.00
661/2Jack GodfreyShadows on the Music House£695.00
663Rachel WrightCrabbing at BlakeneySOLD
664Rachel WrightLate afternoon at Blakeney£245.00
666Richard BondA Norfolk landscape£150.00
667Richard BondSea Palling from the Dunes£180.00
668Richard BondWaxham from the dunes£180.00
669Rachel WrightLate afternoon at Blakeney£245.00
670Naomi Clements WrightElectric Light, Evening£480.00
673John Behm“St. Benet’s, the Ice Cream Days”£470.00
674Sarah AllbrookTropical Sunset, Brancaster Beach£150.00
675Sarah AllbrookYellow Boat at Hickling Broad£450.00
676Sarah AllbrookWroxham Bridge Nocturne£300.00
677/8Sarah AllbrookGlorious afternoon on the dunes at Sea Palling£550.00
679Sarah AllbrookThornham Creek Marshes£550.00
680Sarah AllbrookHigh Tide, No Shade, Hottest Day on Record!£400.00
681/686Josie BarnettPulls Ferry£100.00
682Helen OtterThree Doorways£120.00
683Anthony FountainReflections by the lake£180.00
684Sarah AllbrookThornham Creek Marshes£550.00
685Julian LovegroveReady for sailing£175.00
687Rachel WrightThe Sun Shone On Wolterton£495.00
688Hannah Bruce///sandbags.Merge.makeovers - Seapalling£140.00
689Hannah Bruce///oldest.nametag.reading- Ingham£250.00
690Eleanor AlisonSunlit Ruins£120.00
691Tracey NewlandMorston Quay£100.00
692Susan DaltrySea with seal (1st proof)£180.00
693Sheila CunninghamWhitlingham park£120.00
694Kay RawlinsonShame the boats went in!£220.00
695Richard BondTwo Views From WhitlinghamSOLD
696Michael RichardsonBlackthorne£350.00
698Michael RichardsonAwning Reflections£450.00
700Tracey NewlandBlakeneySOLD
701Jack GodfreyMagical Glade£345.00
702Jack GodfreyWells Woods£625.00
703Tess Gartland-JonesSwimming Under the Sun£300.00
704Sarah LutonWater Meadows at Trouse£170.00
702Jack GodfreyWells Woods£625.00
703Tess Gartland-JonesSwimming Under the Sun£300.00
704Sarah LutonWater Meadows at Trouse£170.00