Paint Out has had over 120 different artists take part in its events and we are an artist-led event, for artists, by creatives, seeking to expand the renown of and market for plein air painting and practice. As we continue to evolve our events we seek to learn from our artist participants as to how best to both grow and satisfy their craving for both an experience, a challenge, and recognition of their talents. We realise, however, that all events will be a compromise of multiple desires and objectives but we seek to innovate and grow to benefit plein air practice and put it on the map. As such, we would appreciate you taking the time to fill in a survey after each event that we may reflect on the best and, perhaps, not so good elements of each one. You need only fill out the fields that apply in the form below, none are compulsory. Entering your email will get a confirmation and copy of your form entries also sent to you.

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Is this too long, too short? Does it need more space, more prestige, more in/formal? Do you like the judges commentaries on the winners? Should this be limited to the big prize winners or on all prizes?
What do you think of the exhibition space, gallery shelving system and move towards non-framing. Any ideas on how to be more inclusive towards other media that benefits from flattening or mounting?