Suffolk Artist Alfie Carpenter

Artist Alfie Carpenter creating mixed media collage at Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea 2016. Photo by Katy Jon Went

Suffolk-based Alfie Carpenter is both musician and artist. He studied at Leeds College of Music but has returned to East Anglia where the “tapestry of textured terrain” here inspires him.

“Whether the components are shapes, colours and textures or pitches, words and voices, I am fascinated by assembling them in different and diverse ways in order to give life to a particular landscape, vision, idea or emotion.”

His response to the land is:

“…quite impulsive, utilising whatever can be found in the vicinity to concoct a rich playground of materials: hoover bags, parcel tape, old (clean!) clothing, newspaper, candles or bog roll – giving ‘ugly’ items a chance at glamour. I combine many techniques and approaches but each collage has a playful uniqueness, an evocative texture and a generosity towards colour and shape. With the combination of wind and a dustbin full of scrap bits of paper, Plein air painting is a challenge however it is one that I relish. I am eager to show the public my unusual style and I think it brings an element of excitement to the tradition.”

Alfie described his success at Paint Out in 2016:

First Prize at Paint Out Wells 2016 Alfie Carpenter Hoping for Sun - First Prize sponsored by Hopkins Homes. photo by Katy Jon Went
First Prize at Paint Out Wells 2016 Alfie Carpenter ‘Hoping for Sun’ – Prize sponsored by Hopkins Homes. photo by Katy Jon Went

“As I drove up to start competing in Paint Out Wells in September – windscreen wipers on full, heating on full blast, waterproof trousers at the ready, thermal underlayers gently warming my tiny, goosepimpled body – I thought, gee, what an ideal weekend for painting, nay, COLLAGING outdoors in the elements. Three days later and upon the final brush stroke and splattering of P.V.A, the sun finally made an appearance. A highlight was befriending a fellow artist whilst squatting under a beach hut, occasionally dashing down the beach to catch an errant scrap of paper. Oh, and of course producing five new works which can all be seen in the Gallery section. I was completely humbled to win FIRST PRIZE for my ‘sunrise’ painting (inverted commas as there was no sun to rise). I also, kind of greedily, won a commendation award for another small piece – needless to say, I am thrilled and very grateful.”

“A month later and it was the turn of Paint Out Norwich. Not quite the hurricane levels of Wells but still the thermals featured. It was an inspiring couple of days, chatting to the public and the usual act of convincing them that I have a fixed abode. The competition peaked with an exhibit at Norwich Cathedral Hostry which displayed the incredible and varied artwork of the artists. I was honoured to win the prize for the mixed media category for my painting ‘Guildhall aglow’ – capping off a sensational Paint Out season.”

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Paint Out History

Paint Out Norfolk – Judges Commendation (2020)
Paint Out Norwich – Participated (2018)
Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea – First Prize (2016)
Paint Out Norwich – First Prize (2016)
Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea – Second Prize (2015)
Paint Out Norwich – CASS ART Bursary Winner (2015)

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