Paint Out Elsing Hall Gardens

Artist Rob Nelmes painting on Mousehold Heath, Paint Out Norwich 2017
Elsing Hall, Norfolk
Elsing Hall, Norfolk

Elsing Hall Gardens on 16 June 2019 is the second of five days painting in several of Norfolk’s great gardens, and this grade I listed rural home has been described as “one of the hidden treasures of East Anglia”. The one-day paint out will take place among the 20-acre estate of the fifteenth-century house and medieval moat near Dereham. In the nineteenth-century, its appearance was recorded in watercolour paintings by Rev James Bulwer now held in the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

Of particular interest in June are the roses in full bloom including:

“a multitude of old English roses that adorn the walls of the house, the walled garden and many borders giving off an almost overpowering scent when in full bloom. Roses in the collection include the famous R. Mme. Alfred Carrier, Vita Sackville West’s favourite R. Souvenir du Dr. Jamain, R. Fantin Latour, R. Cardinal de Richelieu, R. Rambling Rector, R. Ragosa Rosa de l’Hay as well as literally hundreds more.”Elsing Hall Gardens

Elsing Hall Gardens, Norfolk
Elsing Hall Gardens, Norfolk

The romantic gardens were established over 30 years ago under the direction of Shirley Cargill and have constantly developed ever since in terms of both restoration and innovation. There is a historic hydraulic ram pump that was installed almost 200 years ago and is still housed in its original underground brick pump house accessed by a spiral stairway.

Many other interesting features include the probably unique gingko avenue, the rapidly maturing pinetum, the formal Osprey Garden, the flowing planting around the moat, and densely planted with Lonicera Nitida viewing mound with a spiral path taking one slowly to the summit.


Paint Out Norfolk Gardens

Each of the events can be entered individually or as a series. The dates and locations of the Paint Out Gardens series are:

The finished artworks will be shown and available for sale at the ten-day art exhibition during the October Hostry Festival in Norwich.

Artist Karen Adams

Artist Karen Adams painting Wells Quayside. Photo by Katy Jon Went
Artist Karen Adams painting Wells Quayside

Karen Adams works in large and small scale having exhibited in The Brancaster Staithe Midsummer Exhibition and painted murals for the Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club’s Annual Summer Ball. Her preferred medium is oil painting in which she paints a variety of landscapes but particularly enjoys painting beaches – where she initially encountered and participated in Paint Out Wells first beach sunrise ‘paint out’ in 2015 – marshes and boats in Norfolk, and street scenes. She now travels to paint and continues to grow in consistency and quality securing her first Paint Out prizes in 2017 & 2018.

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Paint Out History

Paint Out Norwich – selected and participated (2016, 2017)
Paint Out Wells – Artists’ Choice Second Prize (2018), Spirit of Plein Air Award (2017), selected and participated (2015)


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Paint Out‘s plein air art events and exhibitions in Norfolk, UK, including Great Yarmouth, Holt, Norwich, Wells-next-the-Sea and other North Norfolk coastal towns, country houses and gardens.

Paint Out Norfolk Gardens, May-Oct 2019

Throughout the year we will also be exploring Norfolk’s great gardens through one-day events including:


Paint Out Norfolk, 1-7 July 2019

Paint Out Norfolk takes place in conjunction with The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts 1-7 July (painting days 1st-5th, PV 5th, Exhibition 6th-7th) based around the Sainsbury Centre/UEA campus site and painting further afield including Wells-next-the-Sea, the Broads, and Houghton Hall park. 

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Paint Out Holt, 19-20 July 2019

The Holt Festival (21-27 July), now in its eleventh year, has invited Paint Out to open this year’s Festival with a two-day Paint Out and Private View (19-20 July) around the charming North Norfolk town. Robert Upstone a Tate curator will be judging at Paint Out Holt.

Home to 500-year-old Gresham’s School (alumni include WH Auden, Olivia Colman, Benjamin Britten, James Dyson, and the artist Ben Nicholson), this two-session Paint Out will be backed up by a ten-day exhibition in Picturecraft of Holt, a gallery and Art material supplier with the winners exhibiting alongside the now well established Holt Art Prize. ENTER EVENT

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Paint Out Norwich, 15 Oct 2019

This year, Paint Out Norwich will provide a finale paintout in the Plantation Garden to the Paint Out Norfolk Gardens series which will have taken place May-October, through the year’s changing seasons, light, and colour. 

Paint Out Norfolk 2019   Paint Out Holt 2019   Paint Out Gardens 2019   Paint Out Norwich 2019  

Past Events

Paint Out Great Yarmouth, 1 Sep 2018

A new one-day event is taking place – Paint Out Great Yarmouth on 1 September, from Seaside to Quayside, in collaboration with Norfolk Museums Service and particularly the Time and Tide Museum’s event ‘Drawn to the Coast: Turner, Constable, Cotman‘ which explores the identity of Great Yarmouth and its surrounding landscape through the artwork it has inspired. Apply here.

Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea, 8 Sep 2018

North Norfolk coast plein air painting competition. Since 2015 this event has seen workshops, demos, beach public paint outs at sunrise, Buttlands exhibition, day trips to neighbouring towns such as Blakeney, Burnham Market, Brancaster Staithe etcApply here or more information about our long-running Wells events.

Paint Out Norwich, 13-17 Oct 2018

Premier plein air juried art competition since 2014, workshops and talks, public paint out, private view & awards, Hostry exhibition – more information

Paint Out at the RNS 28-29 June 2017

Paint Out 2017 featured a select group of invited artists painting the UK’s largest two-day agricultural fair – the Royal Norfolk Show. With up to 100,000 visitors it is the premier event of its kind.

Public Paint Outs & other One-Day Paint Outs

More of these to follow…

Paint Out Great Yarmouth – 1-9 Sept 2018

Yarmouth Jetty John Crome 1768-1821 Bequeathed by Miss Harriet Higginson 1917, Tate

Seaside to Quayside

Paint Out Great Yarmouth takes place on 1 September 2018, on the East Norfolk coast, during ‘Drawn to the Coast: Turner, Constable, Cotman‘ which explores the identity of Great Yarmouth and its surrounding landscape through the art work it has inspired. J.M.W Turner and John Constable, Norwich School of painters such as Joseph Stannard, John Sell Cotman and John Crome were all drawn to paint here. Now you can too!

Our one day, two sessions, open-air art event celebrates the practice of en plein air painting and ends with a PV of the artworks created on the day, and week-long exhibition.

Jetty, Great Yarmouth, G.S.Stevenson
Jetty, Great Yarmouth, G.S. Stevenson

Paint Out is thrilled to be working with the Norfolk Museums Service and particularly the Time and Tide Museum to bring artists the opportunity to paint some scenes from Great Yarmouth for this one day event and display of them in a museum setting for a week, at the same time as such renowned painters Turner, Constable and Cotman are being exhibited to the general public.

Paint Out Great Yarmouth gives artists the chance to retrace the steps of Turner, Constable and Cotman, taking inspiration from the artworks on display in the exhibition, allowing them to create their own contemporary scenes of Great Yarmouth life which will be displayed in the museum during the final week of the ‘Drawn to the Coast’ exhibition run.

Drawn to the Coast: Turner, Constable, Cotman. Exhibition open at the Time and Tide Museum until Sunday 9th September including works from the Paint Out Great Yarmouth event.

Throughout the 19th century Great Yarmouth attracted artists to its shores. Its prosperity as a port meant that wealthy merchants collected and commissioned artworks. Some became patrons to artists and helped them to establish national reputations. This was also a time when the town’s popularity as a leisure resort was growing and the wealthier tourists provided additional sources of income for artists. These circumstances helped to support the development of a thriving artistic scene in Great Yarmouth.

Firing Rockets at Great Yarmouth, Possibly Related to 'Life-Boat and Manby Apparatus Going Off' c.1831 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Firing Rockets at Great Yarmouth, Possibly Related to ‘Life-Boat and Manby Apparatus Going Off’ c.1831 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856

Artists ‘drawn to this coast’ include three of the UK’s most important landscape artists. JMW Turner (1775-1851), John Constable (1776-1837) and John Sell Cotman (1782-1842). This exhibition, co-curated by members of the Great Yarmouth community, explores some of the most dramatic local works created by these artists. It includes significant loans of their work from major national lenders including two loaned works by J.M.W Turner from Tate – a watercolour of Great Yarmouth, and, on display in the county for the first time since he sketched in it, his Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex sketchbook.

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Please tick here to acknowledge that you understand PaintOut's Rules & Regulations and agree to abide by them. (In brief: 50% event/25% online commission structure, keeping to competition maximum painting times, strictly plein air painting, non-framing preferred, max 16"/40cm canvas, appearance in photos etc)

Artist John Behm

Artist John Behm painting like a modern Monet on the River Wensum, Paint Out Norwich 2017. Photo © Katy Jon Went
Artist John Behm painting like a modern Monet on the River Wensum, Paint Out Norwich 2017. Photo © Katy Jon Went

John Behm has a natural affinity for the landscape of Norfolk and the Scottish borders where he was occupied in the conception and execution of public sculptures. He had been unable to work for a while due to a near fatal accident but fortunately has sufficiently recovered to be back to creating art and sculptures and has been making some beautiful paintings en plein air.

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John studied Drawing & Painting, Sculpture and Architectural Design in the US, and at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Several decades of working within art and design with turns in teaching, writing, portraits, life-drawing, and several exhibitions means that John has a strong background in art that he is currently augmenting by studying Art History. He has numerous sculptures on past and/or present display in Scotland and Norfolk, as well as work in public collections including the City of York, the National Museums of Scotland, “The House for an Art Lover” in Glasgow, and the Coldstream Museum.

Artist John Behm painting Anglia Square outside Hollywood Cinema, Paint Out Norwich 2018. Photo © Katy Jon Went
Artist John Behm painting Anglia Square outside Hollywood Cinema, Paint Out Norwich 2018. Photo © Katy Jon Went

Whilst mainly painting in oils, when not carving stone and wood, and casting sculptures in bronze, he has occasionally gone mixed media including adding twigs to a three-dimensional painting at Paint Out events; he is always willing to try something new. His preference of subject includes landscape as palimpsest, the spirit of place human experience, history, family, and sensory delights.

John says of his work that:

“The idea is first, then I choose the medium – paint, wood, bronze, steel, stone, film. The word ‘art’ comes from Sanskrit, from a root meaning simply to make: it’s the making, and what, that keeps me going.”

Artist John Behm dives in River Wensum from Fye Bridge to save another artist's painting. Photo © Katy Jon Went
Artist John Behm dives in River Wensum from Fye Bridge to save another artist’s painting. Photo © Katy Jon Went

John made the press when, in 2018, he dived into the River Wensum to rescue fellow artist and Paint Out founder James Colman’s artwork that has fallen in, easel and all, and was floating face-up in the water, heading towards Fye Bridge. Despite the October chill, John handed over his own painting, stripped off his art clothes, mounted the bridge wall and dived in the cold river to cheers from onlookers. He swam towards the waterlogged gouache and dragged it to dry land, lifesaver-style!

Now a four-times winner of the Paint Out Spirit of Plein Air prize in two locations, John is renowned for getting into deep water! Back in 2009, he waded chest-deep into the sea to install bronze sculptures in the sea off the Berwickshire coast. “All in the name of art,” was his explanation or perhaps excuse, looking for any reason to get wet!

“Ultimately it was an adventure that took us over two hours in the sea wading about bringing everything ashore. We lit a fire to warm ourselves up then installed the waymark without two much trouble.” – John Behm

Paint Out History

Paint Out NorwichSpirit of Plein Air Award (2018)
Paint Out Norwich – selected and participated (2014-2018)
Paint Out WellsSpirit of Plein Air Award (2015, 2016)
Paint Out Wells – selected and participated (2015-2018)
Paint Out Great Yarmouth – selected and participated (2018)
Paint Out Sudbury – selected and participated (2018)


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Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson painting an artist painting Tombland public paint out. Photo © Katy Jon Went
Michael Richardson painting an artist painting Tombland public paint out.

Michael Richardson was educated at Ipswich College of Art and later in Paris. His work has been exhibited in the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA), the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI), the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours’ shows at the Mall Galleries and at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

Michael is a member of the Wapping Group of Artists (probably the oldest outdoor painting society in the UK), The Chelsea Art Society, and council member of the United Society of Artists. He is also a founder member of the Brass Monkeys Art Society, a hardcore group of winter outdoor painters.

He won the inaugural Paint Out Norwich Nocturne Prize in 2015 and was runner-up in 2016. He regularly delivers oil painting and nocturne workshops during Paint Out events. At Wells-next-the-Sea in 2017, Michael was a guest artist, demonstrator, and prize judge for Paint Out Wells.

Paint Out Awards

Paint Out Norwich – Nocturne Second Prize (2016)
Paint Out Norwich – Nocturne First Prize (2015)

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The Norwich plein air competition painting days (14-15 Oct 2019) take place during the city’s Hostry Festival often with artist workshops and art talks, welcome and walking tour of Norwich, a public ‘paint out’, 2-4 days of painting, an awards night and private view (16th), and 10-12 day exhibition.

The inaugural Paint Out Cambridge takes place 13-17 May (painting 13-15th, PV 16th, exhibition till 17th) in conjunction with Cheffins Auctions.

Paint Out Norfolk takes place with The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA) 2-7 July (painting days 2nd-4th, PV 5th).
The Holt Festival (21-27 July), now in its eleventh year, has also invited Paint Out to open this year’s Festival with a two-day Paint Out (19-20 July) around the charming North Norfolk town with winners exhibiting alongside the now well established Holt Art Prize.
Throughout the year we will also be exploring Norfolk’s great gardens through one-day events including:

Events in previous locations may return in 2020. Paint Out Wells is usually early September, as was Paint Out Great Yarmouth in 2018. Paint Out Sudbury in Suffolk took place on 30 June 2018 and will likely be back in 2020. Other locations to be confirmed and dates may be subject to change. 

You can register your interest below to be kept up to date when submission forms for each event are live and to be a part of future Paint Out events as well as other locations, and even suggest your own.

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Artist Robert Nelmes

Artist Robert Nelmes
Robert Nelmes painting his First Prize winning painting at Norwich Market, 2016

Robert Nelmes paints in oils and watercolour, both with their own unique set of challenges, particularly en plein air with environmental pressures and “greater sense of urgency, with a level of intensity and concentration unique to the discipline.” He says that creating a plein air painting and leaving it in its raw state is a very “honest representation of you as an artist.

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Robert was born in Leeds and moved to the Isle of Skye when he was 16, completing his education in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art in 1987. Whilst illustrating for the last 25 years he has maintained his passion for painting and drawing. Illustration clients have included: BP, Diageo, Jura Whisky, Standard Life, RBS, National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland.

“The shifting light and changing weather will always present a greater test to the artist than the safety of the studio can. For me this increases the sense of urgency, promoting a more instinctive reaction and vibrant result.” – Robert Nelmes

He has taken part in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2015 and has been teaching landscape painting in Italy as well as getting out into the local Norfolk countryside from his new base in Roydon, Diss – close to the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

“I enjoy capturing the essence of what makes each landscape unique, be it the light, a majestic mountain range or the vastness of the ocean and now the big skies and patchwork landscape of Norfolk draw me in.”

Robert Nelmes painting Blacksmiths at RNS17
Robert Nelmes painting Blacksmiths at RNS17

Robert Nelmes scooped the Paint Out First Prize at Paint Out’s inaugural Freestyle competition (2016) and again for his painting ‘Blacksmiths‘ at the Royal Norfolk Show (2017), presented by Keys Fine Art Auctioneers and the Chairman of Archant Newspapers.

“I am over the moon and amazed because the standard was so high. I decided to paint the blacksmiths because the subject suits the way I paint. It’s all about light and dark, energy and movement and contrast, and it’s a challenge too.” – Robert Nelmes, EDP

He also sold at the Royal Norfolk Show Paint Out art auction run by Keys Auctioneers, exceeding the list price. One to watch, and invest in!

Paint Out Awards

Paint Out Great Yarmouth – First Prize & People’s Choice (2018)
Paint Out Sudbury – Participated (2018)
Paint Out Norwich – Freestyle First Prize (2016), Nocturne First Prize (2017)
Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea – Judge’s Commendation (2017)
Paint Out Royal Norfolk Show – First Prize (2017)


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Artist Tom Cringle

Tom Cringle painting Norfolk Showground at RNS17. Photo by KJW
Tom Cringle painting Norfolk Showground at RNS17

Tom Cringle has been exhibiting and selling work for nearly 20 years. Self-taught, he works predominately in acrylic and oil.

His first exhibition was in The Old Black Horse shop in Burnham Market. Tom’s work has further been featured in solo and joint shows which include: Fabulous Frames in Norwich, The Mall Gallery in London, The Flint Gallery in Blakeney and Aldeburgh Contemporary Art in Suffolk. He has recently exhibited at and been accepted by the East Anglian Group of Marine Artists (EAGMA).

Tom specialises in landscapes and seascapes inspired by the beauty and big skies of Norfolk and beyond. He loves to paint the expansive skies that are seen over the beaches of Norfolk and Suffolk using large canvases to allow as much sky as possible to be included. In 2016, he scooped a First and Second Prize in Paint Out Norwich Nocturnes and Mixed Media categories, following this up in 2017 with Second Prize in Paint Out at the Royal Norfolk Show.

Paint Out Awards

Artist Tom Cringle

Paint Out Sudbury – Artists’ Choice Prize (2018)
Paint Out Royal Norfolk Show – Second Prize (2017)
Paint Out Norwich – Nocturne First & Mixed Media Second Prizes (2016), selected and participated (2015, 2017)
Paint Out Wells – selected and participated (2015, 2017, 2018)

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Artist Jennifer Sendall

Artist Jennifer SendallAfter obtaining a degree in Graphic Design, Jennifer Sendall trained atelier-style in “classical” studio painting techniques under Nicholas Beer. She has a special interest in the practice and techniques and practices of painters from the Renaissance to today.

Since then she has also developed skills in painting landscapes en plein air (in the open), and is an award-winning participant in many plein air festivals and competitions.

Jennifer now focusses on the countryside close to home in Suffolk and Norfolk, with a small proportion of still life, figure and commissioned portraiture. She is currently working towards a Masters at UCS Ipswich.

Her work has been exhibited in the Mall Galleries, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Maryland Hall, Annapolis, USA, De Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Greenacres Gallery, Wexford Eire as well as throughout East Anglia.

Paint Out Awards

Paint Out Norwich – selected and participated (2015)

Paint Out Wells – selected and participated (2016), Commended (2015)

Paint Out Royal Norfolk Show – selected and participated (2017)

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